WCCO’s RAPTOR™ belting has redefined the performance of draper belting.  RAPTOR™ has undergone years of field tests with excellent results.  With the superior strength of the filament fabric, combined with the advantages from both friction and skim coating the rubber, RAPTOR™ outperforms all others where it counts – in the field.

The Draper Issue

Agricultural equipment has experienced numerous technological advancements in recent decades.  In 2007, OEMs really began noticing how draper belt performance across the market was not measuring up to the increasingly high demand of the equipment. It was no secret to us as to why this was happening… spun fabric. 

Spun fabric has a long history in the agricultural market for its friction coating capabilities.  Friction coating is the only upside of spun fabric while its pitfalls include the inconsistency of the spun yarnsmixed fiber lengths, and varied twist levels that lead to poor belt trackinglow belt strength, and quick deterioration in the field.  In addition, few vendor sources offer spun fabric constructions which lead you to contend with extreme price fluctuations.

Our Solution - RAPTOR™ Belting

We took our customer’s product issues to heart, and we proved how our innovationexperience, and responsiveness leads to solutions.  Our engineering and global sourcing teams worked together to create a brand new fabric technology for the agricultural market that can stand up to the toughness of our customer's equipment.  RAPTOR™ is the first draper to use 100% polyester filament yarns in its construction and utilizes the benefits of both skim and friction coating.

Patented Design

Proprietary Technology

High Strength Properties

Superior Durability

Optimal Protection ♦ Less Drag

Increased Capacity

Cosmetically Professional Product

To see The WCCO Difference of how RAPTOR™ belting compares to our competitor's belting (the market standard), please click here.

Our Patented RAPTOR™ Design

RAPTOR™ filament fabric is engineered with a series of depressions that allow the raw rubber to sit in those pockets.  Extreme heat and pressure are then applied during our single-step vulcanization phase to permanently bond the rubber to the fabric with maximum adhesion.  By using a friction coating on the bottom side of the belt, the belt weighs less and drags less, thereby using less energy.  Using a thicker skim coating on the top provides maximum durability and protection from the environment.   

Fiberglass Reinforcement Rod

The RAPTOR™ features an innovative teardrop-shaped fiberglass reinforcement rod inside of the cleat for increased belt stiffness, making RAPTOR™ significantly stronger than other drapers in its cross direction.  Furthermore, the belt may also include the original equipment manufacturer-specificed V-guide on its underside to improve proper tracking regardless of harvesting conditions.