Strength in engineering is a top WCCO capability; from our patents, to the weekly new product design meetings, to our ongoing process and equipment reviews, to our raw material testing.  Our engineer’s product expertise and problem-solving skills go unmatched.  If WCCO doesn’t have the rubber product you are looking for, we are willing and capable of designing custom fabrics and rubber compounds to meet your needs.

Engineering Team

Our Senior Design Engineers find innovative solutions to customer requests and are always busy dreaming up new rubber products for differing applications.  We have a Textile Engineer on staff to work with our fabric vendors on new fabric designs as well as hold them to strict quality control standards.  There are several Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineers, as well as a Manufacturing and Process Improvement Engineer, dedicated to continuously evaluating our equipment and monitoring production efficiencies.  And last but not least, our Engineering Technicians are actively working on prototypes, specification writing, product testing, etc...  

Certified Commercial Practice of Professional Engineering

WCCO Belting is proud to be certified for the Commercial Practice of Professional Engineering through the North Dakota State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors (PELS).  According to the State Board, a person licensed as a Professional Engineer has passed stringent requirements and demonstrated to the Board that they have the proper education and experience to practice engineering.