Global Distribution

WCCO’s numerous capabilities have won the attention of customers on an international level. We supply major farm equipment manufacturers from all over the world and are extremely experienced in global distribution.  

2003 North Dakota Exporter of the Year Award

Then Governor John Hoeven presented the Third Annual Exporter of the Year Award to Tom Shorma, C.E.O./President of WCCO Belting Inc.  “International trade is good for our manufacturers, it’s good for our farmers, and it’s good for North Dakota” said Hoeven.  The largest reason why the committee of three members from the North Dakota District Export Council (DEC) selected WCCO for this award was because of the diversity of the international markets to which we sell our products. 

2010 President's "E" Award - Excellence in Exporting

In 2010, C.E.O./President Thomas Shorma traveled to Washington, D.C. to accept on behalf of WCCO Belting, Inc. the President's "E" Award for our excellence in exporting.  This award recognizes persons, firms, or organizations who contribute significantly in the effort to increase United States exports.  WCCO is one of the elite few who are authorized to fly the blue and white "E" banner outside our facility to distinguish our global success.  No matter where you are in the world, we look forward to working with you.