Global Sourcing

Sourcing Team

WCCO has an experienced and skilled global sourcing team that locates premium raw materials from around the world and drives vendors to a fair price while holding them to strict quality control standards.  Because of our sourcing talent, we consistently outperform the PPI (Producers Price Index).  Moreover, as a result of our long-term financial stability, we are able to hedge and minimize our pricing volatility, then we pass those savings directly on to our customers.

Vendor Qualification

WCCO qualifies all vendors through our own extensive Vendor Qualification Process.  We evaluate a potential vendor’s capacity, capabilities, financial stability, etc… before beginning the raw material assessment and testing processes.  In addition, we only work with a minimal amount of rubber and fabric vendors to guarantee that the amount of business with each of them warrants a high level of service.  Just as our customers are a priority to us, we expect to be at the highest level of priority with our vendors.  The influence we have with both our rubber and fabric vendors directly coincides with WCCO's ability to be a RESPONSIVE supplier to our own customers.  

Rubber Sourcing

We only source our rubber compounds from distinguished custom compounding companies with multiple locations.  This ensures that if a vendor experiences an unforeseen circumstance, WCCO has a secondary source for compound availability that will not risk our product quality or lengthen our customer’s delivery schedules.  To read more about our raw rubber quality process, click here.

Fabric Sourcing

WCCO will only source our raw fabric from vertically integrated fabric manufacturers.  Our qualified vendors each produce their own chips, yarns, weave the yarns, and RFL treat the fabric internally.  By reducing the number of external sources for each step our vendors complete in-house, we significantly increase our quality control.  To read more about our raw fabric quality process, click here.

Fabric Warehouse - Due to the lead-time required when sourcing materials globally, we have a warehouse storing materials months in advance of our production schedule.  Our success, as well as our customers, has been based around our ability to be a RESPONSIVE and reliable supplier.  We inventory raw materials in order to keep to our Mission Statement of being the most "Responsive" global supplier/partner of specialized rubber products.