Single-Step Vulcanization

We manufacture all of our rubber products through an exclusive single-step vulcanization process. We do not glue on cleats, v-guides, or the many surface patterns we offer. Through a combination of extreme heat and pressure, we permanently cure the rubber surface parts to the calendered fabric.

Our customized equipment and specialized single-step vulcanization processes ensures that the product has similar properties throughout the entire belt, allowing for a stronger, more durable, and high-quality rubber product: consistently producing the best the market can offer.

Rubber Extruding

Our customized rubber extruding equipment allows us to extrude raw rubber under slight heat and pressure to form different sizes, shapes, and styles of cleats for the press prior to our single-step vulcanization process. Keep in mind that the extruder does not vulcanize the raw rubber during extrusion. Therefore, the cleats and belt vulcanize as one piece and hold a similar performance property which reduces the chance of belt failure.