The WCCO Difference

All belting is not created equal. 

Whether you are selling or buying new equipment, you deserve to understand the WCCO difference because the belting will have a critical impact on how your equipment will function in the field.  


This belt was manufactured by a competitor of WCCO.  The cosmetic differences of this belt versus WCCO's RAPTOR Belting pictured below are unmistakable. 



      Patented & Proprietary Technology

      High Strength Properties

      Longer Belt Life

      Professional Product

The drastic contrasts shown here between the competitor's product and the RAPTOR draper plainly show the manufacturing experience of WCCO and how our level of innovation has surpassed the rest of the market.



This is a picture of a competitor's belt being shown on a several thousand dollar piece of machinery. Don't dishonor your high-quality equipment and your customers with rubber belting that's been proven inferior in performance, and is commonly the same cost, as WCCO Belting's own RAPTOR draper technology. 



    WCCO's RAPTOR Belting

        Superior Durability

        More Stable Market Pricing

        Cosmetically Appealing

        Highest Quailty Belting Available