Vertical Integration


Our rubber compound vendors are some of North America's finest custom compound companies.  They design, test, and manufacture all rubber compounds in-house.  Therefore, every batch of raw rubber compound is tested to guarantee that it is within our specification to safeguard our customers against product inconsistencies.


Our raw fabric vendors are a few of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial fabric.  They are vertically integrated in how they create their own yarns prior to the weaving process.  Furthermore, they also complete the RFL dipping process in-house.  By only qualifying vendors who practice yarn, weaving, and RFL treatment processes internally, we reduce a number of external processes and radically improve our quality control.


In 2006, WCCO acquired our supplier, CSI Calendering, Inc., as a part of our goal to continually vertically integrate our organization.  A calender is a machine that uses a number of hard pressure rollers to form or smooth a sheet of material.  For manufacturing rubber products, calendering is the first step in combining the raw slab rubber and raw fabric.  At CSI, the uncured rubber and fabric sent in by our vendors are compressed together and come off the machine in roll form.  The rolls are then sent to WCCO and are prepared for the vulcanization process.  With this acquisition, we have improved our quality standards, can offer more stable market pricing to our customers, and have enhanced our mission of being the most RESPONSIVE global supplier/partner of specialized rubber products.  Purchasing CSI has also allowed us to combine our rubber knowledge in order to further advance WCCO’s product innovation and development.  If you have a new product idea, WCCO and CSI will work together to help bring your product to market.