Employee Receives Special 40 Year Anniversary Gift


Wahpeton, ND, December 1st, 2012 ‐ On December 1st, 1972, Mr. Mike Boock accepted a new job offer. Forty years later at the 2012 WCCO Belting Holiday Social in Wahpeton, which was held on the same date Boock originally started working with the Shorma family businesses, he received a special thank you for his decades of dedication and hard work from the Shorma family… a fully restored 1972 Corvette.  

All of the employees attending the party, including Boock who is the current Shipping and Receiving Manager of Shorma‐owned WCCO Belting in Wahpeton, were led to believe that a small program and comical “roast” were the special events of the evening. Yet WCCO President Thomas Shorma, whose father started the business in 1954, had a surprise in store. As the program was concluding, he gave Boock one last gift box to open in front of over two hundred family, friends, and coworkers.  The anticipation in the room quickly thickened as Boock, with a look of question on his face, pulled out a small model car and car key. At that moment, two other Shorma siblings in attendance opened the back doors of the Wahpeton Eagles Club, a rumbling engine was heard, and driven into the room was a fully‐restored 1972 Corvette that matched the model and key in Boock’s hand. 

Mike Boock began working for the Shorma family businesses on December 1st, 1972. He was originally hired shortly after graduating from High School as a machine operator. Over the years he has advanced through a variety of positions. Today, Boock serves as the Shipping and Receiving Manager and oversees several others within his department.

This will not be the end of the story for WCCO’s now infamous employee recognition. WCCO has numerous employees who have chosen to make WCCO their career, and many have spent over twenty and thirty years working with Shorma businesses. As President Thomas Shorma said, “If someone is willing to dedicate forty years of his or her life to our family business, this is the least we can do.”

WCCO Belting is always looking for GREAT people. If you would like any more information about WCCO, or to inquire about open full and part‐time positions, please feel free to contact us.