Custom Products

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WCCO Belting’s talent working with new rubber product ideas, designs, and materials is “the cream of the crop”.  We offer a variety of fabrics, cleat sizes and styles, belt patterns and textures, v-guides and hems, and many other unique product features that can be manufactured together to give you the particular rubber product you desire.

WCCO’s Rub-R-Cleat™

Our Rub-R-Cleat™ is a fiberglass teardrop shaped rod inside of a rubber cleat.  The shape of the rod is imperative to the life of the cleat and belt.  In contrast to other diamond shaped rods, the smooth edges of our teardrop rod deter internal degradation of the cleat and belt.  The rod is placed into a raw rubber extruded wrap that is shaped by WCCO’s exclusive rubber extruding equipment.  The cleat and rod together are then cured to the belt during our single-step vulcanization process.  The fiberglass rod adds extra strength and flexibility to the cleat.  The canvas is double reinforced along both edges, designed to hold dimensional stability under heavy stress and above-normal loads.  We offer numerous cleat styles, cleat lengths, cleat spacing options, rod specifications, and standard cleat sizes starting at one quarter of an inch.  If you have a unique cleat idea, we want to work with you and are eager to help you bring your design to market.

Cleat Detail

Patterns & Textures

All of WCCO’s textures and patterns are vulcanized directly to the fabric during our single-step manufacturing process.  Our process ensures an absolute bond of the surface parts to the rubber product, immediately increasing product quality, flexibility, and strength.  Listed below are our most popular designs.  However, our engineering team has experience creating and developing a number of specialty patterns and textures to match specific customer requirements.


Rough Top, Mini Rough Top, Diamond Top, Cresent Top, Continuous Chevron,Texture Top & Regular Chevron (left to right)

V-Guides & Hems

WCCO offers a variety of v-guide and hem options for its agricultural belting.  We manufacture our belting with v-guides to improve belt tracking and our hems are used for protection against belt wear and crop loss.  We have standard v-guide designs and sizes, as well as hem selections, but we are more than willing to fabricate a specific idea you have in mind.

V-Guides & Hems Detail

Lacing & Connectors

WCCO has a vast assortment of lacing, lacers, fasteners, connectors, and accessories available for you.  Choose any from our list, or bring us a new idea, and we will add that feature to your custom belt construction.

Raw Materials

The strong partnerships WCCO has with its raw compound and fabric vendors support our customer responsiveness in countless ways.  Our close relationships with vendors directly benefits customers through the consistent high quality products we can offer, the pace we can bring new projects to market, and the increased level of stability we can bring to your business.  From compound type and durometer, to fabric tensile and tear strength, width, length, plies, etc… If you choose to work with WCCO on your next project, our engineers will start with designing raw compounds and fabrics with our vendors to assure you get the finished product your application demands.