Beyond the Belt with Doug Toussaint, Toussaint Farms

Beyond the Belt with Doug Toussaint, Toussaint Farms

Located in Wahpeton, North Dakota, just a few miles down the road from WCCO Belting’s manufacturing facility, is the Toussaint farm. Doug Toussaint, raises a variety of crops with his sons Nick and Brad, while also supporting agricultural activities other farms in the area. From corn and soybeans to barley, cereal rye, seed beans, grass hay, alfalfa hay, or cameline (which he is testing for the University of Minnesota), it was evident that Doug keeps a close eye on the equipment that drives the success of the operation. 

Born and raised on a hog farm in Worthington, Minnesota, Doug attended a trade school in Alexandria, Minnesota, to become a diesel mechanic. He worked for a local farmer for over two decades before venturing out with a business of his own. Doug explained there was a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but the Toussaint farm quickly took off in the right direction.  We have no doubt this was attributed to Doug’s determination building a first-generation farm and his affinity for maintaining healthy equipment.

A loyal customer of WCCO Belting for over forty years, Doug uses WCCO rubber products on his baler, conveyor, and draper platform. When asked why he’s continued to stick with the same company, Doug said, “I continue to use WCCO because of product quality. When you don’t have any problems, you don’t need to go anywhere else.” With a keen sense of humor, he added, “It’s like being happy with your doctor.”

Doug was a wonderful host to the members of the WCCO team that came to visit with him. During the tour, Doug discussed his experience as a diesel mechanic shined as we learned about both the function of the agricultural equipment and the inner workings of the conveyor systems. His technical ability combined with his field experience has no doubt benefitted the success of his business.  

WCCO Belting has a humble beginning of our own, so we are honored to provide quality products that support Doug Toussaint’s ambition of building a family business with roots in the agricultural industry.  Doug, thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us. We appreciate your loyalty and value your satisfaction. Good luck this season.


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