WCCO Belting Celebrates National Manufacturing Day with Student Tours

WCCO Belting Celebrates National Manufacturing Day with Student Tours

In celebration of National Manufacturing Day, on Friday, Oct. 4, the City of Wahpeton coordinated tours of several local manufacturers on Wednesday, Oct. 2 to give area high school students a behind-the-scenes look inside local production facilities.

More than 215 students visited WCCO Belting - which was among the manufacturers who offered tours - where students had the chance to see first-hand how the company creates custom-built rubber belts for the agriculture, light industrial, construction, sand and gravel, packaging and recycling industries.

Tours were led by employee representatives from all WCCO departments, including leadership and production teams, and included hands-on activities related to the belt-making process.

This is the fourth year WCCO Belting has welcomed students into their production facility in honor of National Manufacturing Day in conjunction with the City of Wahpeton.

To read more about the tours in the Wahpeton Daily News, visit https://www.wahpetondailynews.com/news.

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