WCCO Belting Patents Rubber Tech Made With Soybean Oil, Article in AGDAILY

WCCO Belting Patents Rubber Tech Made With Soybean Oil, Article in AGDAILY

By AGDAILY Reporters

With the help of research funding from the United Soybean Board’s checkoff dollars, WCCO Belting launched a patented rubber technology made with soybean oil, the first in its new TerraTech line. The hope is that this will be a more sustainable rubber when compared with petroleum-based versions.

WCCO Belting is a North Dakota-based, family-owned custom rubber product manufacturer for the agricultural and other industries. Many farmers rely on WCCO’s belting products to harvest their soybeans — for example, RAPTOR draper belting is used to harvest soybeans and other small grains. So partnering with the United Soybean Board was a natural fit to further innovation. The company said that the soybean oil rubber technology is the first of many discoveries utilizing sustainable materials that it will introduce in the years to come.

“We believe products made from sustainable materials are the future for rubber belting and all industrial products,” said Tom Shorma, WCCO Belting’s President and CEO.

In tests, the new belt showed 20 percent more abrasion resistance than a petroleum-based belt.

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