WCCO technology is redefining the performance of light industrial belting

WCCO challenges the status quo in the light industrial belting market using the same proven philosophy of success it developed in the highly progressive agricultural equipment market. A product will reach optimum performance when it is designed according to the operational requirements of a specific application. The result of engineering customized products and holding tight specification tolerances for equipment manufacturers is a top-quality belt that consistently surpasses industry standards. Call WCCO to learn how our designs can bring added value to you and your customers.

WCCO Material Handling

Material Handling

Belting for flat conveyors and live-bottom trailers that use a cross-rigid fabric technology for additional support to prevent belt sagging during operation which reduces roller quantity requirements

WCCO Package Handling

Package Handling

WCCO uses a fire-resistant compound and a fabric weave that assists with proper belt tracking, and offers multiple surface texture options depending on your application type

WCCO Aggregate


Our RACER™ belt construction uses a unique high-strength fabric to increase puncture resistance and it effectively allowed us to reduce the rubber content to decrease belt weight which increased flexibility

WCCO Recycling


WCCO has multiple pattern and cleated belting options readily available, yet we also have experience designing a custom cleat profiles for your individual equipment to provide you with product differentiation

WCCO Forestry


Another industry that uses our specialized high-strength fabric with slider-back capabilities so belts can move without drag across the bottom pans of the conveying equipment

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