A look back at the Wahpeton facility’s past year, Blog Post2023 was the Wahpeton facility’s first full year as part of Continental. The business, formerly WCCO Belting, brought its agriculture experience and knowledge to the ContiTech suite of products, thereby expanding Continental’s reach in the agriculture industry. Read on to learn about the facility's highlights from 2023.

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Belts on seed tender need TLC, too, Interview with Indiana Prairie Farmer magazineMichael Schroeder, our Head of Product Management for Conveying Solutions, was interviewed by Indiana Prairie Farmer for an article about the benefits of rubber belting on seed tender equipment and how to best take care of seed tender belts.

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An Inside Peek at the Wahpeton Facility's New Training Room, Blog PostThis may seem simply like a remodeled room, but it does more for our employees to ensure products are made to the highest standards than many other areas of our facility. In fact, this new training room at the Wahpeton facility is the backdrop for more than 100 training classes to teach employees what they need to know to help manufacture our WCCO Belting brand of belts. Read on to learn more.

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Industry Today's Industry Insights Podcast, Interview with Rod KochOur plant manager, Rod Koch, spoke with Susan Poeten from Industry Today about the ”People First Culture” the facility has nurtured and grown over the nearly 70 years it has been operating.

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Celebrating 2023's 50 Best Places to Work, Article in Prairie Business MagazineWe are honored to have earned a place on Prairie Business Magazine's list of 50 Best Places to Work in 2023! This is the ninth time the company has earned this honor, thanks to our wonderful employees!

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Product Spotlight on Baler Belts, Blog PostUsing experience from more than six decades in the belting industry, we’re sharing information about how to identify if new belts are needed for a baler and some preventative maintenance tips to help farmers be more successful in their next harvest season.

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Making Belting is Still a Very Hands-on Business, Interview in Wahpeton Daily NewsReporter, Frank Stanko, from the Wahpeton Daily News, came into Continental's Wahpeton facility to interview Plant Manager, Rod Koch, to learn more about the state of the business as a Continental facility.

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How to Create a People-First Culture in Large Workplaces, Bylined Article by Rod KochRod Koch, who oversees our facility, wrote an article for Industrial Distribution about what the plant does to continue to focus on their 'people-first' culture, which stems from their history and Midwestern roots. The article was picked by four additional media outlets.

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Rubber is the newest trend in playground equipment, Blog PostTechnology in playground equipment is shifting. For decades, playground structures were designed and manufactured using steel, plastic or even wood. Since the days of sky-high metal slides, two-story jungle gyms and jolting seesaws, equipment manufacturers have modernized their design strategies to be safer and more inclusive. Exploration in using new materials, like rubber, is driving industry innovation and product differentiation, and it’s proving successful. Read on to learn more about how our favorite material – rubber – is changing outdoor playtime and the industry.

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Product Spotlight on Repair Kits for Draper Header Belts and Baler Belts, Blog PostLearn more about the repair kits we provide to OEMs and distributors for draper header belts and baler belts for a do-it-yourself fix in the field with this product Q&A.

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