Conveying Expertise, Article in Aggregates Business

Conveying Expertise, Article in Aggregates Business

The article, which includes information about new products lines and technical expert analysis in the global quarrying equipment market, states:

"WCCO Belting says it has seen some impressive results from quarrying customer field-testing of its Direct X conveyor belting. Replacing three- and four-ply texture top and back standard industry belting in U.S.-based aggregate crushing applications, WCCO’s two-ply Direct X belting is said to have doubled belt life, reducing belt replacement and production downtime, and achieved claimed energy savings of 15%. Direct X belting is also said to have a 20% lighter carcass than the previously deployed three- and four-ply standard industry belting."

Mike shares, “The field tests proved that the Direct X belting delivers on performance, efficiency and longevity. Some people look at conveyor belting and think that it is all about ‘buying on [lower] price.’ That is a misconception. If you buy a thicker [three- or four-ply] belt, for example, that is 20-25% more cost [than a two-ply]. Sometimes, belt replacement can cost just as much as buying a new belt. In the belting world, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality.”

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