Product Spotlight on WCCO's Edge Defender, Blog Post

Product Spotlight on WCCO's Edge Defender, Blog Post

At WCCO Belting, we use unique equipment, raw materials, and specialized processes to differentiate and add value to our products. In some cases, the products we’re working to evolve are our own, which is the case for our latest draper belting technology designed to amplify header field performance. Just last year, we further disrupted the draper header industry by launching our next generation of RAPTOR® Draper Headers with a new surface feature – the Edge Defender™. What is the Edge Defender and how does it work? Read on to learn more.

What is the Edge Defender?

The Edge Defender is the next generation surface feature on our RAPTOR draper technology, the global gold standard sourced by most major agricultural equipment manufacturers in harvesting applications for small grains and edible beans.

How does it work?

Unlike the original cleats on the RAPTOR draper belt, which are perpendicular to the belt length, the Edge Defender uses an angled cleat on the center feeds and side drapers. We also eliminated the use of fiberglass rods.  Testing demonstrated they weren’t required in the new design. In fact, without the stiffness, you can find “pockets” in between each cleat that help carry product to the feeder house.

What are the benefits of this technology?

The angled cleat design increases yield with product flow control technology that directs crop to the center of the draper boosting uptime and protecting the profitability of harvest by effectively conveying materials into the feeder house. It also reduces downtime due to buildup under the belt by pulling crop away from the cutting edge, while achieving all the benefits of the RAPTOR technology in the base belt construction for optimal field performance.

How is the Edge Defender manufactured?

The Edge Defender cleat technology is manufactured with the company’s patented RAPTOR belt construction. The cleat design uses lightweight connector plates in an angled installation that creates a smoother and more efficient transition over the rollers.

Who can order the Edge Defender?

Raptor® Draper Belting with the new Edge Defender™ angled cleat is available for limited makes and models of harvest headers for agricultural equipment manufacturers worldwide and for the aftermarket. Contact your local distributor for more information, or email

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