The benefits of hiring summer interns, Blog Post

The benefits of hiring summer interns, Blog Post

The Wahpeton location hires college students for a three-month, paid summer internship to get hands-on, real-life job experience related to their major. The facility has previously hired engineering and marketing students, and this summer has three internship openings in quality and manufacturing engineering for which it is now seeking applicants.

During the internship, students gain valuable on-the-job training by participating in projects directly related to their studies, attending meetings, and taking ownership of projects. This job experience looks great on a resume and gives students insight into what it is like to work at a major corporation. After the internship, the interns’ managers serve as a reference for students seeking employment outside of the Wahpeton plant upon graduation.

While students reap many rewards with this type of experience, the facility benefits, too! The extra hands (and brains!) supporting work at the plant is always appreciated, and internships give hiring managers a first-hand preview of the student’s work for consideration as a potential full-time hire upon graduation. In the past, some college interns have been hired for full-time positions and gone on to become managers of large teams overseeing major projects. In turn, this benefits our customers!

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