Wahpeton Facility Continues to Give Back, Blog Post

Wahpeton Facility Continues to Give Back, Blog Post

Members of the Wahpeton facility team recently attended the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) DREAMS Auction to continue to show support for the school and the alumni foundation. The facility’s support of the event began decades ago when the company was WCCO Belting, prior to the acquisition by Continental.

The connection between the college and the facility continues to be of the utmost importance. Exposing college students to opportunities available in manufacturing helps ensure that the manufacturing industry can continue generation after generation. Without new generations of employees to oversee facilities and to manufacture products, the business landscape would look very different. Additionally, the Wahpeton team has hired students from NDSCS to work as interns, and has offered some of those students the opportunity to become full-time employees. This is a win-win for the college, the students, and our business.

DREAMS, which stands for Directing Resources to Educate And Mentor Students, first started in May 1995. While the event has evolved over the past many years, the purpose for DREAMS has continued to remain the same, to support the school’s mission. Through DREAMS and other events, the NDSCS Alumni Foundation can offer thousands of dollars in scholarships each year, plan events for alumni, and assist with departmental fund drives.

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