WCCO Belting Partners With Local Farmers to Incorporate Soybean Oil in Products, WDAY-TV Segment

WCCO Belting Partners With Local Farmers to Incorporate Soybean Oil in Products, WDAY-TV Segment

By Kevin Wallevand

WAHPETON—One of Wahpeton's manufacturing giants is teaming up with a familiar face; the farmer.

WCCO Belting announced on Tuesday the rubber used in its manufacturing, will now contain soybean oil.

The company ships everywhere, so soybean farmers are thrilled with the announcement.

200 workers on three shifts are turning out belting products for farmers, construction and industrial customers around the world.

Tuesday comes news that the rubber used in manufacturing the belting, will be made with soybean oil instead of petroleum; the soybean, grown and harvested by farmers.

"They play such a role in our business as our end user customer, to take what they grow and put it back into a product they use in their machines is so satisfying," said Tom Shorma, WCCO Belting President.

This is no minor market for the soybean grower, belting like this made in Wahpeton, is shipped to 24 countries around the world.

"Our family business is built on innovation, wood products, rubber, metal, it has always been about innovation," said Shorma.

Colfax farmer Jay Myers is excited to see this, he sits on the United Soybean Board, where growers are witnessing countless uses for the little bean.

"So many uses for it, We have feed that comes out of soybeans and oil. Oil used to be a by-product and now we are finding these new uses for it," said Myers.

In fact, Jay used the soybean oil belting during harvest last fall; the header on his combine hummed along, with the product.

"Sitting on the soybean board, we can see these projects come through, and it is fun when we see it come and we can use it on our farm," said Shorma.

When shoe cobbler Ed Shorma started the company more than six decades ago, he likely never envisioned soybeans from farmers would become part of the product headed out the door.

Check off dollars from Soybean Growers helped fund the research and promotion of the new rubber technology.

To view the TV segment visit: https://www.wday.com/


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