A Beneficial Visit From our Leadership Team, Blog Post

A Beneficial Visit From our Leadership Team, Blog Post
Our Wahpeton facility leadership, including Mr. Rod Koch, Head of Plant Management at the Wahpeton, N.D. facility, met with the team for a site business review and plant tour. Select employees were also invited to attend a unique Q&A session. The tour of our facility included showcasing material flow, key innovations and the automation components that we have designed, built and implemented. The leadership team members who visited commented that we have excellent employees which is a key to our success. We agree! 
The Q&A session that was hosted by the team was called "Con Tea Talk,” a spin on a "tea talk.” It included a unique conversation that Mr. Nelles and Mr. Gerstenberger had with ten randomly selected employees from all levels of the facility. The employees remained anonymous throughout the talk, which allowed for a frank conversation about the business and future goals, and included two-way feedback from both the employees and leaders.
We are proud to be a part of Continental, and thrilled to have opportunities like this to continue to help bring the best belting products to market.

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