WCCO Belting Launches Patented Soybean Oil Rubber Belt Technology, Press ReleaseWCCO Belting announces the launch of a patented rubber technology made with soybean oil, the first innovation in its new TerraTech™ line of belting products made with sustainable materials.

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March Community Mixer at WCCO Belting, Article in Wahpeton Daily NewsThe Wahpeton Daily News covered the March community mixer put on by the Wahpeton Breckenridge Area Chamber of Commerce at WCCO Belting, Inc.

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Chamber’s Agri-Business Award Goes to WCCO Belting, Inc., in Wahpeton, Article in Wahpeton Daily NewsThe Wahpeton Daily News covered the 2017 Outstanding Agri-Business Award which was presented to WCCO Belting, Inc. by the Wahpeton Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce.

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WCCO Workers: They Like to Live in America, Article in the Wahpeton Daily NewsThe Wahpeton Daily News interviewed New Americans and President/CEO Thomas Shorma at WCCO Belting to talk about the diverse workforce at the company.

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How WCCO Belting Hires and Retains New Americans to Drive Business Forward, a Bylined Article in Prairie Business MagazineWCCO Belting President/CEO Thomas Shorma authored an article about how WCCO Belting - a company located in a town where the unemployment rate is nearly zero - is utilizing New Americans on their workforce to move the business forward.

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WCCO CEO/President, Tom Shorma, Featured Speaker at ND Family Business Forum, KFYR-TV SegmentThe North Dakota Family Business Forum is an event organized by the Prairie Family Business Association (PFBA). It took place at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, on September 26, 2017. WCCO and the Shorma family have worked with the PFBA for over 25 years and are longtime supporters of the group dedicated to helping family operations continue to grow and thrive. This year CEO/President Tom Shorma was one of the event’s featured speakers.

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Cleated Belting, A Bylined Article in Recycling TodayWCCO Belting authored an article for Recycling Today magazine focused on the different factors to consider when contemplating a cleated belt for a recycling operation.

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Thomas Shorma, President/CEO of WCCO Belting, Inc., talks about the importance of importing with AGWEEK.

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